After a long awaited time, BlueCrew v3 is released! The staff at JetBlue Virtual have worked tirelessly on releasing BlueCrew v3 to the public. With the new BlueCrew, comes new features; some of those may be on BlueCrew it self, some may be on other things/sites. This blog post will serve a purpose of informing the community of our brand new site updates, and our features to the JetBlue Virtual systems, and sites.


BlueCrew v3 came with new features, and features that were broken in the older versions of BlueCrew, and have since been repaired, v2. BlueCrew v3 has the following features:

  • Finding flights by a form search
  • Realistic callsigns (updated every quarter)
  • Community Downloads page
  • Ability to view past Flight Reports filled
  • And more!

BlueBot: The Aviator's Dream Discord Bot

With BlueCrew, came the infamous BlueBot. BlueBot is a bot that was made by our technology team that had several features that were useful to the operation of the ticketing system, Helpdesk. BlueBot was something that has been quietly in development, and was rolled out on a pilot program to the Public Server on June 5th. During this time, we received valuable feedback on what/how we implemented things & what we should add to the bot to make it more user-friendly. Likewise, BlueBot has finally reached a stage where we feel that we can roll it back out again soon. Stay tuned as more information will be rolled out about BlueBot.

Our New Forums & Status Page

We're going to be launching our forum very soon. When it's launched, it can be found here: Same said with the status page, it can be found here, once launched: These two features are felt has being imperative to how we operate as a community because one gives members/non-members the ability to converse with each other online, and the other gives information about the status of our systems, respectively.


JetBlue Virtual is partnering with several companies/organizations online to provide our members with the best events, connections, and more. More information on these partnerships will be shared soon!


This blog post was a long one. We felt that we wanted to share with the community what we have up our sleeves for JetBlue Virtual, and believe us, there is plenty more coming that is going to be very excited. In the meantime, make sure you check up on this blog site, and make sure that you follow our socials for notifications of when we post updates, announce new things, and anything that pertains to the operations of JetBlue Virtual! Also, make sure to join our Discord!